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Prohormone vs Testosterone

Post Cycle Therapy: A Definitive Guide


Prohormone vs Testosterone, Building your body and muscles is a tough task that needs strenuous exercise and workout. Athletes go through a tough physical process to make sure their bodies are in shape and they stand apart in sports and other activities – and it comes at a price.

Many athletes use performance enhancer supplements, such as steroids and prohormones, which speeds up the production of testosterone in the body. So, post cycle therapy becomes necessary to help your body recover and regulate hormone production (testosterone) back to normal. Prohormone vs Testosterone

Without proper PCT supplements, your body takes a longer time to recover – and you risk losing all the energy and muscle build-up that you have gained. PCT supplements are a reliable solution to get rid of extra artificial testosterone levels and make sure every hormone in the body is in the right proportion. Consuming the right amount of PCT supplements is vital to counter any harmful side effects associated with prohormones during the workout cycle – without feeling lethargic.

Avoid Bitch Tits

Many bodybuilders experience a condition in areas around the nipple swell due to prohormone intake – and they look as if they have started to grow tits (bitch tits). Aside from feeling uncomfortable, they are a social embarrassment. Prohormone vs Testosterone

PCT supplements are useful in avoiding the bitch tits and other such side effects of prohormones and help you maintain a shaped chest and body.

Regain Your Strength

Many athletes tend to lose body shape and strength in just a few weeks after taking a break from the gym. They also experience other side effects of prohormones and general weaknesses in the body. Prohormone vs Testosterone

PCT supplements are a great way to balance your body hormones and maintain body shape and strength. They help you carry out daily activities without any withdrawal syndromes or uncomfortable feelings of completely cutting out of the gym.  Prohormone vs Testosterone

Also, these supplements boost your confidence and give a clear-thinking ability to garner positivity in your life. They rejuvenate your body and make you feel better, healthier, smart, and relaxed – without losing your shape and energy. Prohormone vs Testosterone

Maintain the NEW Body

The liver undergoes significant changes during the prohormones cycle and it is vital to improving the performance of your liver by consuming the right amount of PCT supplements – as instructed by your doctor.

After a strenuous cycle of constant workout and exercise, you completely transform your looks and develop an athletic body – the one you always wanted. It is, therefore, necessary to maintain this new look and have positive outcomes for your workouts. Prohormone vs Testosterone

Medically approved PCT supplements also improve the immune system – to fight side effects of steroids and prohormones – by stimulating the release of estrogen.

Avoid taking overdosage of PCT supplements – as they may cause more harm than good. Always use the doctor’s advice on which supplements to use and in what amount, especially if you are not well-familiar with PCT protocols. Only then you will be able to get the maximum benefits of PCT supplements in overcoming the side effects of prohormones. Prohormone vs Testosterone



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